Becoming a registered tester

If you would like to apply to become a registered SITRI sound insulation tester, please complete and submit the form below. You will receive login details by e-mail for the Downloads page, where you will be able to obtain an application form or details of the training course if that is the route which you wish to follow.  You should then complete and submit the form to us by email.

The training course is optional and if you have experience of testing or have been working in acoustics previously then you may apply for registration without taking the course.

Those taking the course, may seek registration whilst awaiting course results but will not be able to complete the process until they receive their course outcome.

Registration Information

* denotes required field.

Important: A working email address is required to complete registration.

If you work for a company please enter the name, otherwise leave blank.

Please use only digits (0 to 9) and spaces for the "Phone Number"